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iGO is an Intelligent, Fillable Form & Data Gathering e-Application System. Although most carriers have offered digital applications for term products, some are now making it a requirement.  We are also seeing permanent product applications going digital.  And, if the carrier offers an accelerated underwriting program, a paramed exam and labs may not be required.


  • Eliminates Not in Good Order applications
  • Simplifies and accelerates the application process
  • Reduces cycle time and increases placement ratio


  • 100% in Good Order:  application workflow ensures all mandatory fields are completed for submission
  • Go Paperless: anytime, anywhere on any device; ideal for electronic completion, e-Signature, and e-Submission  

New West agents will use the same login and password as they do to access term quotes and forms.  New users can create account when prompted.

Agents can also access the iGO e-app directly from the term quotes or forms page.  After running a term quote, you will have the option to start the online app from there by clicking on the blue “apply” button.  When you are searching for a form, you can choose to download a paper app or start a digital app by clicking on the upper right tab “iGO e-App.”

Let’s get started!   iGO Online Application System

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