Long-term care

There are numerous solutions available today for insuring against long-term care and chronic illness expenses. New West Insurance brings you the top carriers in today’s market and offers the best of both stand-alone, asset-based and life insurance riders for LTC products.

Stand-alone LTC carriers include: Mutual of Omaha.

Life insurance carriers with LTC or Chronic Illness riders include: Accordia, Allianz, American General, Columbus Life, Equitable, John Hancock, Lincoln Financial Group, Minnesota Life, Mutual of Omaha, National Life Group, Nationwide, North American, OneAmerica, Pacific Life, Penn Mutual, Protective, Prudential, and Symetra.

Linked-benefit products are offered by: Nationwide, Lincoln Financial Group, Minnesota Life and OneAmerica.

For product information and quotes, contact Melissa Church: melissa@newwestinsurance.com or 208-622-5211 x 2.

Below are informative carrier micro-sites and videos regarding Long-term care:

Mutual of Omaha

Why You May Need Long-term Care Insurance


Long-term Care Basics

Long-term Care Fact Finder


Cost of Care by State

Asset-Based LTC


Long-term Care Insurance 101


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