Long-term care

There are numerous solutions available today for insuring against long-term care and chronic illness expenses. New West Insurance brings you the top carriers in today’s market and offers the best of both stand-alone and life insurance riders for LTC products.

Stand-alone LTC carriers include: Mutual of Omaha, State Life/One America and Transamerica.

Life insurance carriers with LTC riders include: American General, AXA, John Hancock, Lincoln Financial Group, Minnesota Life, Nationwide, Transamerica, State Life/One America.

Linked-benefit products are offered by: Nationwide, Lincoln Financial Group, Minnesota Life and State Life/One America.

Many other carriers offer chronic illness riders.

For product information and quotes, contact Melissa Church: melissa@newwestinsurance.com or 208-622-5211 x 8.

Below are informative carrier micro-sites and videos regarding Long-term care:

Lincoln Financial Group

The LTC Frontier

Four Myths of LTC

What Care Costs

Mutual of Omaha

Why You May Need Long-term Care Insurance


Long-term Care Basics

Long-term Care Fact Finder

Our Carriers

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